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DIY Wreath Making Kit (Adults)

DIY Wreath Making Kit (Adults)

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Now sitting in the comfort of your happy place, make your very own all natural wreath with fresh dehydrated fruits and cinnamon sticks! Whether it is a work activity or a family wreath or just on your own - hope you are ready to have lots of fun! If you are an expert already at wreath making then get right into it but most people are usually newbies. Don't you worry - we have an amazing step by step tutorial for you all, explaining every step of the way in detail. A DIY kit allows you to make your own wreath at your own pace and really express yourself creatively!

Link to the tutorial:

The Wreath Kit contains:

- 30 cm Straw Base

- REAL nobilis pine wreath that carries the magical aroma of a wintry woodland

- A wide choice of decorating supplies including whole oranges and limes, orange slices, pine cones, cinnamon sticks and raffia.
- Hard wire for the whole citrus fruits
- Winding wire
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