Interior designer May’s top tips on how to use flowers at home -

Interior designer May’s top tips on how to use flowers at home

Interior designer May’s top tips on how to use flowers at home
“Flowers bring happiness home”

We are thrilled to welcome interior designer May Wong to this month’s CherryBlossom blog. With spending more time at home being part of the new normal, are you looking for fresh ways to make the most of your precious space? Whether for those online zoom meetings, or simply making dinner tables sparkle - Cherryblossom fresh flower arrangements are becoming Dubai’s prettiest home essential.
May adores fresh blooms come bouquet or fresh from farm! Today she shares some bloom-tastic tips on how our online delivery of fresh flowers can enhance your wonderful home. Get comfy and put your feet up as we talk inspiration, flower trends and why you can never have too many roses.
Hi May, thanks a bunch for joining us today. Let’s jump right in, we would love to know what inspired you to become an interior designer? 

Thanks for having me, for me what makes a happy home is a good environment. What inspires me as a designer is being part of creating that space. A space that my clients cannot wait to come home too. That is the reward of being a designer, hearing them say “I couldn’t have done this myself”. What I love about fresh flowers is they bring a home alive through the wonder of nature. Fresh flowers are an easy way to bring happiness home.
We couldn’t agree more, nothing makes us happier than our favourite fresh blooms, speaking of which What is your favourite flower?
OH…Good choice. Why the rose?
It captures elegance, romance and classic beauty. To me the rose is timeless and a girl can never have too many roses. (I hope the men are paying attention)
High five on that! We have been talking a lot lately about how fresh flowers can boost our moods. How do you feel flower arrangements influence the energy of a home?
Flowers bring life and natural beauty into a home. The contrast of vitality of fresh flowers against the stillness of a home transforms the feel of a room. Every flower has its own energy, from the uplifting brightness of yellow sunflowers to mellow vibe of linen white roses. It’s amazing what you can do playing with flower arrangements. The best thing to ask is how do I want to feel today? Buying fresh flowers gives us the opportunity to bring that feeling we need into our home.
Any tips for selecting the best flowers for a living room? 
Make the colour of the flowers work with interior colours, they do not have to be the same. Just they have to work with what you have. For example, deep red roses against clean white can transform a room and add a stunning splash of colour. Fresh flowers offer so much beauty and a variety of colour to play with.
What would you say is the easiest house plant to look after?
Cactus, it’s a hardy plant. It doesn’t shed or doesn’t need cleaning up. I believe all flowers can be used as art, a way of expressing a mood and creating a vision. The beauty of a cactus is the sculpture. And it’s a low maintenance plant that lasts and lasts.
We are all looking to create more space at home, how can flowers be used to open up a room? 
Flower arrangements give a room a focal point. For example, putting flowers on your living room table draws attention to the blooms. Imagine walking into a room and seeing a gorgeous vase of bright farm fresh sunflowers. They open up the room and bring it to life.
We are throwing a dinner party, what CherryBlossom flower arrangement would you recommend to make the occasion one to remember?
Serenity, I really like the wildness of these flowers and the sweetness of Lily. It captures the fun of a party. 
That’s a cherryblossom bestseller so you are in good company…
We need flowers for the kitchen, what do we go for?
Orchid, keep it simple. So much happens in the kitchen, you want something that is not too chaotic. Orchids have a calming energy and are able to stand on their own.
What are your top fresh flower colours for summer?
White and yellow fresh flowers are my favourites this summer, simple, happy and bright.
Do you follow flower trends? 
I only do so for the purpose of styling properties. If I want to set up a theme for example. I will choose flowers to showcase a certain part of a property.
What inspires you as an interior designer? 
Form and colours. I ask how can I use the colour of flowers to best work with a room and bring it to life. Every flower is different and it’s all about making it work with the energy of a room.  
What is your favourite cherry blossom bouquet? 
Rose Fairy Tale – it’s beautiful. I told you I like roses.
You sure do! May thanks again for joining us and sharing your flower tips today- we are feeling inspired. One last question, where can our CherryBlossom members find you?
Sure, it’s been fun chatting.  You can find me at or on Instagram at @maypingdesigns
That’s a wrap flower friends. We hope you enjoyed May joining us today with her top tips for using flowers at home. Are you ready to put them to use? As Dubai’s best online florist, we are passionate about spreading the joy of flowers with stunning bouquets, artistic flower arrangements and special deals from our fresh flower market.
Speaking to May has been a bloom-tastic reminder that the magic of flowers spreads way beyond the vase. Fresh flowers are a natural way to create happier homes, and even our living rooms agree!
Bring some happiness home today with our online flower delivery in Dubai and make it a day to remember. Until next time friends, enjoy exploring our fresh flowers and give us a follow us on insta
See you there!

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