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5 amazing ways flowers improve your well-being

Flowers for well-being

‘She had daisies in her soul’

What is it about juicy yellow sunflowers or cupcake cute daisies that no matter what kind of day you're having, never fail to make you smile? Those wheels of sunshine catch your eye, and for a few blissful moments, it’s just you and the flowers. Nature’s pretty wonderful like that. It brings us out of our heads and into the moment, like chocolate, without the calories.

 As Dubai’s best online florist, we love sharing the magic of fresh flowers… and research confirms they can brighten up far more than our living rooms! Did you know that flowers have been proven to improve our mood?  As we lean into autumn, we are all looking for ways to take care of our well-being. Ordering your favourite Cherryblossomdubai.ae bouquet of fresh flowers could be just what the doctor ordered.

Read on to discover five amazing ways flowers lift us up.

Feeling stressed?

Working from home? Are kids driving you bonkers? Take a breath and inhale a vase of delicious blue hydrangea. The colour blue represents inner calm. When life gets chaotic with zoom calls and non-stop emails, we could all do with a dose of zen!  The stress-busting benefits of flowers have been widely recognised. The scent of beautiful blooms is the sweetest way to reduce those stress levels. So why not bring nature home? Choose one of our stunning bouquets of fresh flowers and have them delivered from farm to doorstep in Dubai.

With Cherryblossomdubai.ae, you have zen at your service!

Boost your creativity

All out of ideas? Staring at the blank screen? We have all been there. Fresh flowers could be the inspiration you are waiting for. Research has shown that being around flowers and plants while working can boost creativity by 15%. Feeling calm and collected allows us to produce our best work, and fresh flowers are the prettiest way to access that blissful space. The visual beauty of colourful blooms inspires new ways of thinking, giving us a focal point whenever we get overwhelmed. Creativity particularly loves roses and spiky shapes, check out our Candy bliss.

It could be just the bouquet to spark your genius!

Connect to your authenticity

Flowers are being recognised as essential as morning coffee when it comes to a self-care routine. With good reason. Being around nature deepens our connection with our authentic selves, we were born to interact with the natural world. This is where we feel closest to our dreams, disconnected from the external stressors that pull us in every direction. Modern lifestyles can make it tricky to get our daily dose of nature, our fresh flower delivery service in Dubai makes it easy. Have a browse of our dazzling collection from colourful bouquets to flower arrangements, and if you need an excuse to treat yourself call it doctor’s orders!

… a bouquet a day keeps the doctor away!

Gratitude, attitude

Is there anything better than that warm feeling you get sending someone flowers? Whether birthday flowers, good luck flowers or just because flowers, making someone’s day makes us feel good. Fact. Flowers are associated with happiness, joy and kindness no matter what the occasion. It’s amazing what impact a simple bouquet of flowers can have on someone’s day. Fresh flowers are nature’s way of expressing our gratitude for the people we love most. So go on, make someone smile with a Cherryblossomdubai.ae bouquet today. 

Gratitude is the best attitude!

Sweet dreams

All this reading making you sleepy? Why not take a bloom-tastic nap! From the sleep-inducing scent of lavender to air cleansing peace lily, adding fresh flowers to your bedroom could help you drift off naturally. We all know how awesome we feel after a great night’s sleep, well waking up fresh as a daisy could be a vase away. Choose one of our delicious bouquets of fresh flowers for delivery to your doorstep before bedtime.

Sweet dreams!


We hope you are feeling wonderful knowing all the amazing benefits of fresh flowers. Caring about our flower friends is what we do here at Cherry Blossom which is why if there is anything you want to know more about, we invite you to pop us a message! To stay up to date with all of our flower news, deals and pretty pictures give us a follow over on insta @cherryblossomdubai.ae.


Have a bloom-tastic day!

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