Spotlight on sunflowers; The flower of friendship -

Spotlight on sunflowers; The flower of friendship

‘Celebrate friendship with flowers’

Aren’t friends the best? We think so too and when it comes to celebrating our besties, show-stopping fresh sunflowers are a firm favourite Did you know this stunning flower is grown for more than looking pretty? Yep, those dazzling yellow petals are infamous for symbolizing friendship! Friends are a bit like flowers, they brighten up our lives just as flowers brighten our living rooms. Fresh blooms are the perfect way to make them feel special- and our fabulous online flower delivery makes it easy! Friends are unique, and you are sure to find a bouquet as unique as your bestie in one of our exclusive fresh flower collections. Not so fast…before you get browsing our stunning bouquets, read on to discover more about the world’s sunniest flower.


   Why do we love sunflowers?

Just look at those juicy yellow wheels of sunshine, what’s not to love? Sunflowers are pure happiness, much like our wonderful friends. They inspire lazy summer days, swaying in the breeze.  What makes the sun flower one of our most popular for online flower delivery is more than the joy it radiates. Sunflowers represent all of our favourite things. Fun, friendship and feeling good. The ultimate flower for good vibes. If a sunflower was a weekday, it would be a Friday. The dazzling petals have a spirit of their own, and those sunshine rays are catching. As Dubai’s best online florist, we have done our homework on this beautiful bloom (and we don’t mind sharing). Ready to learn more?

Sun-believe-able facts about sunflowers that might surprise you
  • Sunflowers have a nickname. If you are looking to send flowers of happiness, these are your top pick. The dazzling yellow blooms are known as ‘happy flowers’ for being the go-to gift for sending joy.
  • No wonder they radiate sunshine, sunflowers are sun trackers. Those scrummy flowers buds follow the sun as the earth moves during the day. Soaking in all of those rays to bring us happy vibes. We love spreading happiness! That’s what makes us the go- to online florist for sending flowers for celebrations in Dubai.
  • The sky’s the limit! Sunflowers have a world record when it comes to reaching new heights. The tallest flower on record was over 30ft tall, landing them into the Guinness book of world records in 2014. What champ’s, they get a gold star from our expert florists.
  • Variety is the spice of life, and sunflowers are in good company. There are over 60 different varieties of the blooms around the world. Keep an eye on our online fresh flower market to see when we have them for online delivery. As there is nothing better than fresh sunflowers!
  • Whether sending birthday flowers or simply brightening up someone’s day this summer, sunflowers are the perfect choice. Like gorgeous peonies, sunflowers are another of summers favourite flowers. There is nothing like a gorgeous vase of sunflowers to make a loved one smile and spread the joy of sunshine.

Which is why we heart them…do you?

When is best to buy sunflowers? 

Ok flower diaries at the ready! Sunflowers make their debut from middle of summer to October. Though the best time to send flowers? Your friend’s birthdays of course, so why that diary is out- add in those VIP days. Cherryblossom’s bouquets will be sure to make it one to remember.

 P.S International friendship day is July 30th, want a friendly reminder? Become a cherryblossom member and stay up to date with our latest flower deals.


How to take care of your sunflowers

Sunflowers love attention, (and they deserve it) here are some top tips on how to keep your blooms happy and looking fabulous.

  • Hydration station- All that sunbathing makes these stunning flowers super thirsty, make sure you top that vase up with water regularly so they do not get parched!
  • Cut those stems- Trim the ends of your sunflowers at an angle, this helps them drink lots of water and keeps your flowers looking fresh.
  • Clean vase please- Sunflowers like to be kept in a nice clean vase, we advise changing the water every other day to keep your flowers healthy and happy.
  • Pick the right spot – Although sunflowers love to grow in the sun, at home they prefer a cool spot with indirect light. Yes, even sunflowers need a break from the spotlight.
  • Would you like more of our how to take care of your flower tips? Click here and have a scroll for everything you need to know about keeping your flowers in bloom.

That is wrap for sunshine school today. Stay posted to find out what flower is going to be in the spotlight next month! If you have any suggestions or questions always feel free to reach out on Insta or send us an email. Our team of expert online florists in Dubai love to hear from our members. Now for the fun part… which lucky friend is going to get some flowers? Browse out gorgeous fresh flower bouquets and take your pick. The sunflower dazzle or the sunflower delight? We will let you decide. Happy browsing.

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