Spotlight on Peonies: Summer's favourite flower -

Spotlight on Peonies: Summer's favourite flower

“Sunshine and flowers are summer treasure”

Hoorah lay down the carpet, summer has arrived! As our mornings get lighter and evenings get longer, let’s kick of the fun with a CherryBlossom favourite…our show-stopping peonies. As sunshine pops these gemstones into bloom among our fresh farms, the flower spreads its petals every which way. We see them everywhere, from kitchens, birthday parties, and all the wedding photos! We like to make summer easy. Our online florist delivery service in Dubai is dedicated to bringing stunning fresh flowers from farm to door. Though before we get to our bouquets, let’s discover more about this precious flower. 

Why do we love Peonies? 

Just look at them, smell them, touch them. Peonies tick all a flower lover’s boxes, the colourful clouds of petals come in every colour from juicy purples to blushing pinks, sunset corals and uplifting yellows. Now for the smell, who loves honey? Their delicious scents are one of the many things that make them so irresistible. A bouquet of peonies smells like delight in a vase. Like good times, sunshine and ice cream, we cannot get enough of them. The versatile bloom is perfect for every occasion, from birthday flowers, mid -week pick me ups and spontaneous displays of affection that become moments to treasure! We adore them as much as the joy they bring. 

Want to know some fun stuff about Peonies?
There are many stories and much wisdom behind those pretty petals. Here are a few fun things you might wish to know about your blooms. 

  • Want to know why they make it to all the wedding photos? Peonies are one of our most popular bridal bouquets as they symbolise happy marriages and good fortune.

  • Hungry? There is a reason that peonies look good enough to eat, they are in fact edible! Though before you dig in, do make sure they are organic.

  • Peonies love to sun bathe, at least for six hours a day.

  • Coming up for your 12th anniversary? Peonies are the go-to flower for anniversary bouquets and in particular they are the traditional flower to celebrate 12 years of marriage. 

  • Peonies can live a long time, take a guess! If you said 100 years, you got it right. Though like all that live to a ripe old age, it takes a lot of self-love and care.

  • They have their own fan group. They are called ants! The little bugs cannot resist the sweet nectar that forms on the outside of the blooms.

When is best to buy peonies? 
Good question. Peonies pop from late April to early June, though the longevity of our favourite flower means it can be enjoyed beyond the summer. Though Cherryblossom think early summer is all about peonies. 

How do you make the most of your Peonies? 

  • Trim those stems at an angle, this makes it easier for them to drink lots of water which keeps them healthy and hydrated
  • Keeping your peonies out of the sunshine will keep them nice and chilled, they like to keep cool to avoid wilting and show off their beautiful blooms. Peonies are the flower that keep on giving when you treat them with a bit of love
  • Keep them away from ants, we don’t want them nibbling on your gorgeous flowers
  • Be sure to use a lovely, fresh vase and keep it clean, change the water every other day and your peonies will be happy
  • Pop a few ice cubes into their vase, that way they will keep nice and chilled and keep those blooms dazzling for longer
  • For more about flower care, have a scroll through our further tips here
And last though not least, place them somewhere to be adored and enjoyed! Peonies love attention. If you want to know more about where to place your flowers stay posted for our next blog. We will be talking to an international interior designer to discover how to harness the magic of flowers in your home! We hope you enjoyed learning more about this summer favourite! Speaking of which, take a peek at CherryBlossom’s most in demand fresh blooms this month.
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